Thursday, February 9, 2012

2011 SFC Sail-Away

As Crystal Serenity set sail a little earlier than usual, we had a sail-away party around the Lido deck's Seahorse Pool, complete with band.

There's nothing like a summer swim, even in the Baltic.

Remember that this was during one of the hottest heatwaves the Baltic has seen.

Whilst the kiddos swam, the grownups lounged around and sampled some of the daily cocktails du maison!!

Hi Clark!

The band was terrific!

JuJu, now completely awake, was a dancin' machine.

And managed to talk the Junior Activity Directors into a little cuddle time!

The Estonian flag was flying as long as we were in port.

Could the weather have been any nicer?

There's always time for ANOTHER one, isn't there?

Hutch got in a little nap with his dad...

But Julia...well, she was up to her old tricks.....

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