Saturday, February 18, 2012

2011 SFC Prague Tour

There is so much to see in Prague, you could easily spend a week. We basically had two days, as our third day was to be spent at the medieval village of Cesky Krumlov.

We began our tour by taking the tram across the river and toward the hilltop palace and cathedral complex.

The cathedral is a high gothic masterpiece.

Alix found an icon of St. Alexandra.

And I found as stain glass pane of St. Elizabeth.

If you are in Prague, St. Vitus Cathedral is a MUST. The 20th century-era stained glass windows are BREATHTAKING.

The ornate tombs of royalty are all gilt and silver, angels and beams.

There's always something comical in a cathedral.

Stonemasons have a tremendous sense of humor.....

The exterior of the cathedral is just as lovely.

And whimsical.

(I love a gargoyle!)

The view from the square ain't shabby....

We toured the Old Jewish quarter of the city and many monuments dedicated to Franz Kafka. Along Charles Street, we were able to see how life was lived in medieval times.

You know it's all about a detail with me.

Something so decorative, yet still usable!

Along some of the old city walls, we found a display of armor. Oh LOOK!

A chicken!!

Before lunch, we went to the presidential palace for the changing of the guard.

Quite a display with military processions and brass bands.

Then it was onto lunch near the town hall.

We had fun watching several newly-married couples celebrate.

The astronomical clock is the oldest one still working.

Julie was enjoying herself!

This elegant iced coffee hit the spot.

Emerson's not the least bit tired.

AFter lunch we walked through some beautiful gardens. A falconer had some of his birds on display.

And then it was on to Belevedere, Queen Anne's summer palace and garden.

The palace has an unusual keel-shaped roof. In the center of the garden is a most interesting singing fountain.

And the view back up the hill is exceptional.

A quick walk past the concert hall.

And it was off to the Estates Theatre. It was here, in 1787, that my favorite opera, Mozart's Don Giovanni, was first performed. In honor, a statue of the ghostly Commendatore sits just outside the main entrance.

WOW- what an exhausting day! And a great way to get prepared for the next day's visit with a friend!!!

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