Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2011 SFC Last Sea Day

The last sea day, and the last formal night, are always bittersweet days for me on any Crystal cruise. We are so coddled and pampered whilst aboard. Nothing like traveling with the best in the industry!!!

After a day filled with play, we got gussied up for the Captain's farewell party. Emerson was all smiles.

A toast to all of us, to Great Aunt Eleanor, who started us with Crystal, and to the amazing crew of Crystal Serenity.

Palm Court.

Our Cruise Director Extraordinaire, Rick Spath.

Will and Hutch looking mighty spiffy.

Captain Glenn Edvardsen loves to tell us how many miles we have sailed, and how many cookies we have eaten over the course of the cruise.

CruiseGran and Em.

One very handsome nephew Austin.

Mary Cecile and Emerson smiling as always.

My friend Ruel, who knew Jan-Olav when they were both on Crystal Symphony. Such a sweet guy!

At dinner, Julie and Ashley were looking lovely.

Maurizio caught in the act.

Don't you love the twinkle in his eyes? He obviously LOVES his job.

We really don't want to get off the ship.

Over at the self-styled "kids' table" there was much fun, too.

Collect all the colors!

Fishberry Jam, as Auntie Mame called it.

No telling WHAT Woo was commenting on.....

Julia always has something special to add to the mix....

How to make something this pretty at home...

Ah, the official family meal...Beef Wellington!

Austin's very favorite thing.

A little Baked Alaska.

Or a Chocolate Trio.

Yes, we were all smiles.

I'm going to miss needing sunglasses after 9pm......

Baltic sunsets with the moon...

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