Saturday, February 18, 2012

2011 SFC Home Home Home

Time to head home! But not before one last chance for retail therapy and some photos.

Alix wanted a photo with this anti-child abuse signpost. Interesting how the message is clear in any language.

One last European meal.

One last Kozel. (In an Urquell glass).

A sign for the original.

Why are Alix and I on one side of the window and everyone else on the other?

Because we volunteered to be bumped off the overbooked flight. Wouldn't you if you were offered a $1000 travel voucher EACH?

Well, we made the plane. But because we volunteered to be "bumped", we WERE bumped...up to business class!

Eat your heart out, Austin.

Loved every minute of it.

Definitely the longest part of the trip was the Atlanta airport from terminal E customs to baggage claim.

See Alix?

Looking rather tired. Little did she know that Wesley was at the airport waiting for us. SURPRISE!!!! It took all my power not to tell her, and I'm so glad I didn't. But you'll see the video later...maybe.

It was the perfect ending for the perfect trip.

And if you haven't been bored to sobs, I am leaving day after tomorrow on another wonderful adventure with CruiseGran and the cousins......yippee!!!!!!!

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