Saturday, February 11, 2012

2011 SFC Hermitage

Day 2 of our stay in St. Petersburg, Russia saw the family split up a bit. The Hancocks, who were experiencing their first visit to Russia, took a scenic tour of St. Petersburg, while the rest of us took a morning-long tour of the Hermitage.

Encyclopedias have been written about the Hermitage and the Winter Palace, so I will not even attempt a cursory description. It was enjoyable simply to look out the window from the Winter Palace, across the Neva River to the Fortress of Peter and Paul, where the tsars are buried.

It's a small little unassuming room, don't you think???

With a nice little throne, complete with footstool.

Passing through the State Apartments, we arrived at the galleries. The cruise lines have negotiated a FABULOUS perk for sightseers- entry to the Hermitage one hour before the public is admitted. HEAVEN!!! This photo would have been impossible 30 minutes later.

One will never be able to see all 3 MILLION items of the Hermitage Collection. Here are my top four favorites.

Michaelangelo's "Crouching Boy." Rough... unfinished...


My beloved Impressionists. Monet's "Poppy Field".

Renoir's "Child with a Whip"

Matisse's "View of Collioure"

Back aboard Serenity, we relaxed by the pool after lunch, reading and napping. After dinner and into jammies, we enjoyed the midnight sun on our verandas, until it got so low in the sky we had to break out the umbrellas.

Yep, it's a tough life, but someone has to do it.

Life is GOOD!

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