Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2011 SFC Helsinki

When we arrived in Helsinki, we opted not to take an organized excursion. We've been here before (oh, that sounds so jaded, I know), and we were ready for a little relaxing pace after three hectic days of touring in and around St. Petersburg. We hopped on Crystal's complimentary shuttle that dropped us off at the base of the lovely Esplanade.

We walked to the harbor, stopping to admire the lovely plantings along the way.

I love finding the silly photos.

Mary Cecile and the Seal.....

You know I can't resist a farmer's market. And, oh my, the offerings were SUPERB!

Cherries, Strawberries and fresh English peas...well, I guess they wouldn't be English peas, they'd be FINNISH peas, right??

Another trip highlight. Austin found a very silly hat for his friend Patrick.

Now let me explain. Patrick is football lineman. Weighs in almost 300 pounds. Over six feet tall. Just for reference, here's a photo from November 2011. Patrick is #68, in the center. He is enormous. And loves kitty cats.

Yes, he wore the hat. I must remember to get a photo from Austin.

We stopped at the restaurant we remembered from 2006.

Some dancers from China were about to perform on the stage in the Esplanade.

I had bought some cherries, strawberries and Finnish peas as snacks.

The kids descended on them like a pack of hungry wolves.

Note, nephew is voluntarily eating PEAS. RAW peas. And LOVING THEM!!!

MC got into the strawberries.

They were SOOO amazingly sweet.

Even the birds got into the game.

Back on the bus, the kids showed off their purchases at the harbor market. JuJu had a moose hat.

Hutch became Wolf Boy and Alix a reindeer.

And JuJu asks--what about YOU???

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