Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2011 SFC French Night

Our family favorite night in the Crystal Dining Room is French Night. My mom especially looks forward to it every cruise. If, heaven forbid, the Fates make alternate dining plans for us, the wonderful Crystal staff will prepare it for us another night, but as it happened this cruise, we were able to participate in the formal festivities as planned.

The Hancock girls looks beautiful as always. Mary Cecile-

and Julia... being Julia.

Ah, the special chargers for French night.

Someone nabbed my camera while I looked over the menu.

Why I even BOTHER to look at the menu, I have no idea. I know what I want on French night. You can see my friend, our sommelier Maurizio, in the background with yet ANOTHER bottle of the stuff for our table....

I always choose the same.

Escargots. Jan-Olav's favorite.

Even if I DIDN'T love them, I would order them in his honor.

Asparagus and olive salad.

Rack of lamb, rare. No mint sauce.

(sorry, I forgot a photo, but if you don't know what it looks like, just go find another French night post from a previous cruise. It will be there. Like I said, I never vary on French night).

We were blessed that night with a magnificent sunset.

I think you'll agree with me on that, right?

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