Saturday, February 18, 2012

2011 SFC A Few Extra Pix

I have a few extra photographs- some taken by moi, some.....well- I didn't take.

I either forgot to post them on the appropriate day or they got misfiled and I just found them. In any case, they are fun memories I'd like to share.

Oh, and the ones I didn't take--yes, I am working on getting the proper permission. I will give credit where credit is due, though. The photos not taken by me--and you can tell because they have ME appearing in them--were taken by the MARVELOUS professional photographers aboard Crystal Serenity. Photography services for Crystal Cruises are handled by Paragon Pixels, and, in particular, three TERRIFIC photographers-- Jeremy Fratkin, Lianne Butler, and George Tzavaras. How they can manage to get ALL of us to 1)have our eyes opened at the same time, 2)smile together on cue and 3)make us look presentable is a testament to their abilities.

And, so--remembering that asking forgiveness is easier than getting permission.......

The boys.

Buzz at work.

(I may have posted that one before. Seriously, Buzz had quite a following amongst the male guests. He has high entertainment value, relaxing by the pool, making custom fishing rods, chatting with the curious.)

Brother Ed, the camera shy.

He hates this photo..I love it.

All of us in Prague.

(Ok, I'm in this one...the tour guide took it).

The Gang's All Here.

The Catherine Palace

(No, they didn't paint the palace to match Gran's shirt.)

The ladies of Maison Cou Rouge at sea.

Vintage Room Dinner.

The next generation of ladies.

And finally, although we lost a few before this last one- Gran, Will and Hutch are MIA-

The family salute!

Always remember that LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

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