Friday, February 3, 2012

2011 SFC Embarkation Day

Some folks were catching some SERIOUS zzzz's after that long flight.

But soon, we were all ready-very ready- to head to Crystal Serenity. Bags sorted, everyone waited in my room for our alloted time to head to the ship.

Some read, some worked puzzles, some listened to music , some played video games.

Good thing I was taking pictures. There was no room for me to sit or lie ANYWHERE.

I had the chance to run ahead and catch the Hancock girls boarding the Serenity for the FIRST TIME.

On Serenity, we can open up the connecting doors of the verandas. Easy access to everyone, and we have one long bowling alley of a private deck.

All the stateroom doors are propped open for luggage delivery. This allows for the occasional stowaway.

The stewardesses finally got some deck guys to help corral our visitor before we left. Shame really- we could have made it our mascot.

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