Friday, February 3, 2012

2011 SFC Another Day in Stockholm

Even though we boarded Serenity, we didn't leave port for another night.

Before our land excursion, Alix and I made a sighting of "her" boat...

(if you didn't know, her family nickname has always been "the Empress").

We headed out for a quick look at Stockholm, featuring a stop at the IceBar, which warrants its own post.

We made a stop at the Royal Palace, just in time to see the changing of the guard.

And then stopped in at the Stockholm Cathedral, where Crown Princess Victoria married Prince Daniel.

We had about an hour for shopping.

And then we headed back to the ship in time for muster.

Maybe we are all a little more aware of emergency procedures on cruise ships in the wake of the Costa Concordia tragedy, but Crystal Cruises has always placed a top priority on safety, and muster drills are mandatory for all guests. Yes, it feels stupid at times, and could even be considered a pain in which to participate, but I will never complain about the drill again. I have nothing with which to compare Crystal's emergency procedures, never having cruised on any other line, but if you take a look at THIS photo....

you'll see they get the message across!

Life jackets safely stowed, it was time to prepare to sail.

A beautiful evening in the Swedish archipelago.

Little boats come out to see the big boats.

All of these houses are lovely.

We make quite a procession.

(No, that's not the Costa Concordia- it is her sister ship, the Costa Atlantica.)

I'd take this one!


This ferry made me think of SOME guy I know....... ;-)

Well after dinner, with the Swedish summer sun still not set, deck maintenance continues.

Everything interests me on this beloved ship of mine!!!

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