Sunday, February 19, 2012

2011 SFC Copenhagen

What's not to like about the last day on a Crystal Cruise? NOTHING. There is NOTHING happy about the thought of getting off either of these wonderful ships. I simply cannot say it enough. There is a reason it has been voted the #1 cruise line for DECADES.

It was a beautiful day when we docked in Copenhagen.

The seahorse by the pool beckons us-

-but no swimming today- we're going to TIVOLI.

That night, it was time for one-or two- last FABULOUS bottles of wine. THANKS, Maurizio!!

We were leaving quite early in the morning, so we said "goodbye" to our wonderful--and I do mean WONDERFUL- stewardess Michelle Gonzalez.

I love the ceiling of the Crystal Dining Room.

A little delicious Norwegian salmon for dinner.

And MAGNIFICENT crepes suzettes!

Hated it, you can tell.

Oh, and one last game of dodgeball.

Chappy Wingo and Ed. Great new friend!!!

Yep, gonna miss this.

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