Friday, January 27, 2012

A Week in Louisiana

It was a big week for my family in Louisiana. My brother Ed had a "big bad birthday" as did CruiseGran. There was lots of celebrating.

I gave my high-school friends a "heads up" (thank you Facebook!) and we got together on Tuesday night at Genghis Grill.

We are a good lookin' bunch, if I do say so myself.
But lest you think that getting us all smiling in sync with our eyes open is easy, take a quick look at all the "takes" we had to take!!

Yes, that was my friend Nancy in town from Charlotte, NC. We finally managed to be in Hooterville at the same time. We had lunch at Cush's and then went to visit with her mom, Helen. Was a lovely, LOVELY afternoon.

I also had a awesome catch-up lunch with my friend David Hennington (why the heck didn't I take a photo of us, David??????? I'll get one next time!!!!)

Wednesday night, we fixed brother Ed's 50th birthday dinner at my mom's house. Ever the low-key guy, he wanted to keep it simple- steaks, salad and birthday cake.

Julie Ann's Italian Creme Cake, thankyouverymuch.

Ella loved the cake!

He got some cool prezzies.......

Brother Will delivered the cake with much ceremony.

And the birthday boy got a little annoyed (as he always does) with my photo-taking.

(I SWEAR he's not in the Witness Protection Program! He just doesn't like having his photo "out there" for the world to see.)

And Emerson helped her old dad cut it.

But my EP366 for the day shows the little brother in the pastel portrait all grown up!

Friday was the Cotillion Ball announcement party, and I am tickled to say that AJ was asked to be a Gentleman in this year's court.

I was so happy to see so many Shreveport friends, including my friend Mary, whom I have not seen in 25 years. Her daughter is also in the court, so we are looking forward to BIG times in April. Alix and nephew Austin have been asked to be ushers at the ball, and little cousin Julia is a it will be a big family affair!

Saturday, I had lunch with "the family girls".

Mary Cecile was able to join us, having just gotten back from a morning of duck hunting with her daddy, Buzz.

And then Saturday night, we celebrated Mama's birthday (I won't say how many). We had wanted to have a party for her, but the Shreveport Symphony was otherwise engaged on Saturday, so we just let them do their thing and we went to The Anvil.

The gang was all there...including the funniest woman in the world Kris Hiers and Austin's girlfriend Kelly.

Mama and cousin Ashley looked radiant, as always.

Ok, so we got her a mushy card.

And a bracelet from us had to suffice for the lack-of-big-party.

Mary Cecile was out of cammo by now.

And JuJu and Woo were not to be upstaged.

Busy busy busy week in Hooterville-on-the-Red!!!!!!

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