Saturday, January 28, 2012

Greenwood and Oakland Cemeteries

If you haven't had your fill of Elizabeth's Ancestors......

I thought I'd show you the matriarch and patriarch of the Hutchinson clan in Louisiana.

We are now at Greenwood Cemetery, which was one of the first cemeteries in the parish. Oh, right...for explanation for some of you, Louisiana doesn't have counties like the other 49 states, it has parishes because it was settled by the French, and so the territory/state was organized around the parishes of the Roman Catholic Church. Additionally, the laws of the the State of Louisiana are organized around the French Code Napoleon, unlike the other 49 that are primarily based from English Common Law. Oops, sorry---the history lesson will now end and I'll get back to the graveyard.

Specifically, William Joseph Hutchinson and Adeline McDonald Strother. They came to Louisiana before the War Between the States to set up farming. Their plantation, Caspiana, is still on the map today.

They had nine--NINE??--- NINE children. I'm glad they had that many--because my great-grandfather was number EIGHT!

Greenwood Cemetery is a beautiful old cemetery, but I have one last stop to of the oldest cemeteries, if not THE oldest in the area.

Oakland Cemetery is intriguing, interesting, and sad.

Why, I wonder, is this monument at an angle?

There must be a story here.

What a lovely thing to put on a mother's grave.

I wonder what she was like?

Part of Oakland is reserved for Jewish graves, the oldest in North Louisiana.

Sadly, parts of Oakland have been neglected.

And, even though it is on the National Register of Historic Places, has been vandalized in recent years.


But still beautiful.

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