Friday, January 27, 2012

The First Half of January

When last I left here (well, aside from the EP366 postings...and honestly, if Jan-Olav tries to get me to do a third one, it will be 365 photographs of a well-padded booby hatch...but I digress), it was that lovely quiet week between Christmas and New Years, when I had the house all to myself (a toe-dip into the water of things to come). So what, you ask, has been going on around Maison Cou Rouge????

Well, Alix and super-beau Wesley returned from Hotlanta in time to celebrate New Year's Eve with me--and Anderson and Kathy and Lady and Dick. No, I wasn't having a free-for-all at MCR, and NO, Middle-Of-Nowhere hasn't had a sudden influx of residents....that would be my hot dates for New Year's Eve--Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin on CNN, and Lady Gaga and Dick Clark on ABC's New Year's Rockin' Eve.

Yep, it was a hot time in the ol' town that night....

I could have edited out most of the photo, and left you thinking I had a super-up-close seat at a Gaga concert, but I wanted to prove that I actually stayed up until midnight.


Wesley was fascinated by the champagne bubbles in his glass...I think he did a right nice job of capturing them, don't you??

First portrait of 2012!

They weren't all perfect...

What else have I been doing?? Tackling peeling wallpaper...

I believe there is a special ring of Dante's Hell for people who put up wallpaper without prepping the walls first. This is slooooowwwww going. I'm still at it.

I also do not understand why wallpaper peels at the edges so badly that it will not be glued back down...but yet remains absolutely unremovable 1.5 inches from the edge. One of life's great mysteries, I suspect.

I took some photos out in the rain...

Why people through junk carelessly away instead of disposing of it properly really gets me. Add another ring of hell....

The big news was that Alix turned 18. She had some friends over for dinner...

Which included quite an interesting menu. Steak, mashed potatoes, butter beans and macaroni and cheese. Ok, I forced a salad in there, but it was wilted spinach covered in warm bacon dressing. That's not really salad, is it?

Oh, and a cake, naturally.

Paula Deen's Tangerine cake with Tangerine Cream Cheese icing. DE-VINE!!!

It was an exciting day--I can't believe my girl is 18. Grown. Voting.

I guess it's time to stop using my standard excuse for the shape I am in...."I just had a baby".

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