Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Calendar?? How Can It Be?????

I just had a bit of a shock.

I was just replying to an email from one of my college friends. "The Six of Us" are trying to arrange a girls getaway weekend sometime next year instead of attending reunion at "that college that USED to be Randolph-Macon Woman's College"

So I was checking my calendar, as every parent of a high school senior must, given the importance of the pomp and circumstance surrounding graduation.

In the first half of 2012, two-thirds of my weekends are already booked.



I detest having my life ruled by my calendar....go here, go there. I'm much more of a seat-of-the-pants kinda girl, wondering what the next day will bring. Keep my options open. Take a detour if I want.

Good thing each child only graduates high school once. If I get any more overscheduled, I'm gonna be in a straightjacket.

Maybe I should deliberately overbook myself, like the airlines. Start my own personal "frequent flier" program. I could award points for events I don't attend. But then, I'd have to have a personal reward scheme. I don't think I want to go there.

Been there. Done that. Got that t-shirt. For 28 years. Not bitter or anything, just don't want to go down that highway again.

So if anyone anywhere wants me anywhere anytime the first half of 2012, BOOK ME NOW! Only nine slots left!!!!!!!!!

EP366 Week 7

Day 43
12 June 2011

Day 44
13 June 2011

Day 45
14 June 2011

Day 46
15 June 2011

Day 47
16 June 2011

Day 48
17 June 2011

Day 49
18 June 2011

EP366 Week 6

Day 36
5 June 2011

Day 37
6 June 2011

Day 38
7 June 2011

Day 39
8 June 2011

Day 40
9 June 2011

Day 41
10 June 2011

Day 42
11 June 2011

EP366 Week 5

Day 29
29 May 2011

Day 30
30 May 2011

Day 31
31May 2011

Day 32
1 June 2011

Day 33
2 June 2011

Day 34
3 June 2011

Day 35
4 June 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

1938 Dating Guide For Single Women

Superbeau Wesley pointed this gem out to his sister...and when I saw it on Facebook, I knew I had to share it here.

I'm off to go check my seams.

1938 Dating Guide For Single Women - Alligator Sunglasses

Monday, June 20, 2011

Please Don't Shoot Me...

Why, YES...I was away for a few days. How KIND of you to notice.

I went to San Diego, California for my cousin Andy’s wedding to the beautiful Brittany.

Where it was 68 degrees. 72 tops.

I can’t say that loudly around these parts. Some folks 'round Middle-Of-Nowhere-comma-Georgia routinely carry firearms with them, and this heat is beginning to make people ornery.

“Hot” does not begin to define what is going on here, weather-wise. Today it was 99. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be around 102. That’s 37 and 39 for my Europals.

After a while, you get used to the heat...sorta. But go away for even a few days, and----KABLAM! Come home and it’s like being slapped in the face by a hot-water soaked string mop. Rivulets of sweat start dripping down your body searching for the path of least resistance like a flooding Mississippi before the levee system was put in.

Alix described it perfectly when we stepped out of the air conditioned door of the plane last night. “Mama, you can smell the humidity”.

But yes, I was in San Diego. (Oh, there aren’t any mosquitoes in Southern California either.) We had the usual fun that you have when our family gets together.

Lots of wine.

(The head table's private stash- with the Father of the Groom reloading. I was within arm's reach at all times).

Lots of food.

Lots of partying.

I got a good look at the USS Carl Vinson, just back (on June 15) from burying Osama at sea.

Thanks, guys.

So I’m back...even had jury duty today. But all the cases were settled. Rats...and they were all criminal too. I’m the only human on the planet who WANTS to be on a jury.

And I’m up to my ass in alligators (as we say in Louisiana), doing the vacation-rebound.

Because I leave again on Saturday. For Stockholm.

Where it’s 65.

I think I hear the ammunition being loaded.........

*ps- more wedding photos to follow!!!!!

Making Room For Popsicles

“Miss Elizabeth, the freezer stopped working and everything is thawing out.”

Not the thing you want to hear 20 minutes before your cousin walks down the aisle. And you are 2,283 miles away, on the other side of the US.

So, in my best Scarlett O’Hara “tomorrow is another day” mindset, I told Caro to just shut the door and I would deal with it when I got back.

Turns out, there wasn’t anything wrong with the freezer... just the operators. In order for food to freeze, the door must be shut. Which it did. Refreezed beautifully. Once the acai berries had liquified and dripped down over everything.

Lesson one. Never put anything once liquid in the top of a freezer. Equilibrium and gravity take over.

Those damn acai berries. A year or two ago, the ex thought it would be a great idea to try these new-fangled cure-alls from South America. So he purchased a 25-pound box to get free shipping. Well, at least he got that economy-of-scale thing down pat.

I’m truly sorry I didn’t get a photo of the freezer. Picture boxes of vegetables, puff pastry and phyllo dough, sheets of fresh pasta, bags of shrimp and salmon filets (ok, and the occasional Hot Pocket and Toaster Strudel) thoroughly glazed with mix of grape jelly and corn syrup. I will never think of the color purple in the same way again.

It really wasn’t that bad to clean out....well, nothing that a few rolls of paper towels and some aerobic exercise couldn’t handle. And now, my freezer looks like this.

It was a blessing in disguise....because NOW, instead of forgotten dove breasts, half-used bags of English peas and that forgotten can of lemonade from 5 years ago, I now have......