Saturday, May 21, 2011

EP366 Week 2

Week 2

Day 8
8 May 2011

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9 May 2011

Day 10
10 May 2011

Day 11
11 May 2011

Day 12
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Day 13
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Day 14
14 May 2011

EP366 Week 1

Well as I stated HERE,that Norwegian friend of mine, Jan-Olav, talked me into another year-long photo project. No promises on when I will post them, but I will take them and get them here with my usual speed and efficiency.

Stop sniggering.

So, without further ado, here's the beginning of EP366!!! No titles this year...if you want explanations, just comment and I will be happy to share the details!!!

Week 1
Day 1
1 May 2011

Day 2
2 May 2011

Day 3
3 May 2011

Day 4
4 May 2011

Day 5
5 May 2011

Day 6
6 May 2011

Day 7
7 May 2011

Prom 2011

Junior Year at Brentwood means hosting Prom. It involves a lot of preparation, which we all got to experience for the first time when AJ was a Junior.

Our Juniors is an AMAZING job. This year seemed more fraught with melodrama than usual, thanks to some folks who shall remain nameless. No it wasn't other students. It was adults, in authority, who seemed to be trying their best to make the Juniors lives miserable. Oh well. They only have to survive one more year with the person nicknamed "Dolores Umbridge" .........

But on to better things.

It begins with hanging the gym in black plastic and moving in pieces that have been painted in advance.

Taylar wasn't real sure about getting up on the scaffolding in that harness.

Caroline, ever the daredevil, had to be threatened into putting on her harness.

Building the giant car....

By Friday, things had come together.

And, come Saturday night, everyone was lovely.

Taylor and Nick

Caroline and Joel

Taylar and BT

Alix and Wesley

Emmaline and Josh

So what is Prom only lasted 90 minutes (thanks, Dolores)....oops I wasn't going to say anything.

It was lovely.

State Track Meet 2011

Brentwood was very successful this year at the State Track meet. Our boys team was State Champions for the second year in a row, and our girls team was state runners-up! Very proud indeed.

Alix qualified in the 800 meters and the 4x400 meter (or 1600 meter) relay.

It was early Friday morning when she ran in the 800m. With incredibly stiff competition, all she wanted was a personal best for the year.

I got some photos of her warming up- she didn't know I was taking them...

One thing about Alix...she gives it her all.

And she did run a PB- 2:40.97. Good enough for sixth in the state!!!

The girl can sleep anywhere.

That evening, her 4x400 team easily qualified for the finals the following day.

The next day, we had to wait all day unti the very LAST races of the day. They nervously waited for their finals.

While Alix stretched, Taylor Stone got stretched by her step-dad Sammy

while Jaycee and Brooke Hinton chilled with their dad.

(Actually, "chilled" is not the best word. Those girls were more nervous than cats in a roomful of rocking chairs.)

Something worked, however. From somewhere, deep down inside they dug down and found a fifth gear. Or sixth. Or seventh. It shows by where they ended up.

Yep, that's the smile of a STATE CHAMPION!

It was nice that both Wesley and Alix's dad were there.

You can always tell a runner by her tan lines come Spring.

The team captains- our Juniors- were thrilled to receive the state trophy.

Think it was a good weekend for Girl???