Saturday, May 14, 2011

Best Explanation of Electricity

Let me admit up front that science was never my strong suit. I'm definitely a liberal arts chick.

But when I read this example of electricity on, I cracked up.

Even I understand it now.

If you're not familiar with how electricity works, let's briefly go over it. Electricity is just a flow of electrons from some place that has too many of them to some place that really wants them. But where they really want to go is to the ground. If generated power is a shipload of sailors on shore leave, the ground is a whore house that's having a two-for-one special.

For equally funny bits, go read the whole article...

5 Things That Aren't Nearly As Dangerous As Everyone Thinks" #2 Bathtub Electocution

I love my Keurig!!!!

I have a new corollary for the Law of Selective Gravity. It is along the lines of Jennings Corollary**.

The chance of the danish falling cream cheese side down onto the kitchen floor is directly proportional to one's desire to eat it.

Yes, I know I should be eating fruit for breakfast. Or an egg. But my new Keurig was delivered, and I had to celebrate.

NEW Keurig?

Well, the replacement.

I LOVE my Keurig. I mean, if it had arms and legs and other bits, I might....well......let's not go there. That's how much I love my coffeemaker.

My darling friend Nancy introduced me to Keurig back in November. She's had one for years. Pop in a K-cup of whichever of the zillions of coffees you like, and it brews one perfect cup. In less than a minute. Want another one in 5 minutes? 30 Minutes? 4 hours? Repeat the process- fresh and hot and delicious.

A couple of weeks ago, it began having airflow problems. I had to rap it sharply on the back to get the water to flow through the k-cup instead of back into the reservoir. Sorta like burping a baby. Somehow, an air bubble was forming in the lines.

I did all the troubleshooting guides on the internet. I descaled. I cleaned the needles. Still, it kept brewing only a half-cup of coffee.

I called Keurig. This is the amazing part.

Their reply was "We want you to be totally satisfied with your Keurig. Your replacement will arrive in within 5 days. All we ask is that you send us back the K-cup holder." Nope, not the entire machine. Just a part- about 3x5x3 inches total.

THAT is customer service.

Did I mention that I really love my coffeemaker? It also dispenses just-below-boiling water, too.

Now if I could just lick the remaining cream cheese off the tile floor before the dog gets to it...............

**Jennings Corollary to the Law of Selective Gravity: The chance of the bread falling with the butter side down is directly proportional to the value of the carpet.

Law of Selective Gravity: An object will fall so as to do the most damage.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

WC 2011 The Flight to the Glacier

Just a short plane ride to the Tasman Glacier....

Merrill got the right hand seat up.

Cosy to say the least.

Because my friends Dane and Svein will ask, I took a photo to remember what kind of plane we were in...

As you can see, the day could not have been more perfect.

Our half of the group had two's the other one.

Here's comes the second plane!

WC 2011 Mount Cook

Nothing could have prepared me for the experience we had on Mount Cook.

We arrived after a LONG day of bus riding...checked into the hotel and immediately drove to the airport for flightseeing on the Tasman Glacier.

The photos, I hope, say it all.

Mt. Cook- Sir Edmund Hillary's old stomping ground- just peaking over the edge.

Suzanne waiting to get on the plane.

WC2011 Into the Southern Alps

Well, we are up to the midday of Inland Day 1. Heading out of Christchurch, we set our sights on the distant foothills of the Southern Alps.

We passed a hatchery...can you guess what kind?

We stopped for lunch at a country home where a delicious dinner of lamb, chicken and side dishes had been prepared, complete with Pavlova for dessert!

I remembered these as Cabbage Palms that I had seen with my new Maori friends on the voluntourism excursion.

Mama and Suzanne, both avid gardeners, really enjoyed looking around.

The garden reminded me of my friend Ivy in England...she loves to post photos of her little garden patch.

Happily fed, we headed off toward Burkes Pass. As an inland flatlander, I love ANY scenery that involves water or mountains!
(probably why I love Norway...I get both at once!!)

We were getting into "Lord of the Rings" country.

The higher you go toward the pass, the drier and browner the scenery becomes.

There is a series of lakes and dams throughout the McKenzie Basin which provides power for the south island. We stopped briefly on the shores of Lake Tekapo at the Church of the Good Shepherd.

Linda posed....

And then it was off to Mount Cook.