Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Calling All Photographers!!!!

May 1, 2011.................

Well, SOMEHOW....I really can't figure out HOW (especially with no alcohol involved....)

But I am going to do another Project 365!!!!!!!!

See, this silly friend of mine--the same one who talked me into doing my original EP365 has talked me into doing another project 365 along with him....and we want EVERYONE we can to join us!!!!!

AJ's darling Anna-Grace is one-third of her way through HER project 365, but I can think of SO MANY PEOPLE (hint, hint...if you are reading this right now) who could join us!

Heck, if you don't want to do a photo a day (but you know you carry around a mobile phone that has a camera, so there's no excuse...), what about a photo a WEEK? Or a photo a MONTH?

Just JOIN in on the fun.

All you up and coming high school or college SENIORS, this would be a perfect way to memorialize your Senior year.....

So far, we have two wonderful photographers from Captains Voyage joining us.

Come ON!!! Join us!!!!!

May 1, 2011

WC 2011 Wellington Botanic Garden

There were just too many beautiful flowers at the Wellington Botanic Garden to not share with you. ENJOY!!!

WC 2011 Wellington

Feb 16 Wellington New Zealand

It was a beautiful morning that saw Crystal Serenity docking in Wellington. I was up early and managed to get some cool photos as we glided into port.

I thought the shadow against the rugby stadium was so cool.

Morning rush hour starts early in Wellington

We were not scheduled to take an excursion until the afternoon, so CruiseGran and I hopped on the shuttle and had a walk around town and a bit of “retail therapy”. I couldn’t go all the way to New Zealand and not support the internationally famous “All Blacks” national rugby team!

In the afternoon, we took the “Window on Wellington” tour. We started with a drive up to the top of Mount Victoria for a FABULOUS scenic overlook of New Zealand’s capital city.

We then proceeded to the Wellington Botanic Gardens and their magnificent rose garden.

We also stopped in the charming Begonia House.

A beautiful Japanese-inspired pond- complete with a very busy duck!

Then there was a brief stop at the Beehive, the nickname for New Zealand’s Parliament House. Little did we know that in a few day’s time, this building would be featured in many videos of the government response to the Christchurch earthquake.

There are many beautiful details in the buildings of the area.

Then it was off to Old St. Paul’s Church. Built of native timber, it was completed in 1866 and is one of the finest examples of colonial Gothic architecture.

Beautiful City, Wellington!!!