Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yes, She's BACK!!!!!

Yes! I am back. And thankyouverymuch for realizing I’ve been away for a month!

The ink on my divorce papers was dry all of 22 hours when I headed out of Washington County for some much needed R&R.

I didn’t want to publicize too much that I was skipping town, as this was the first time Alix has stayed behind without a parent. My darling friend Susanne played “mom” in the grandest way, and Alix migrated between her house and MCR.

And I must say that Alix did a GRAND job handing the day-to-day anklebiters that came up here in the month of February...things like house alarms going off at no reason at backing up....door locks not functioning properly.... The house did not look like World War III had erupted (well, not any more than it USUALLY does...) and I am so VERY proud of her!

And thanks for the quizzical look toward Chocolate Chip, the WonderLab. She went to Dr. Kristine and Dr. Sam’s Spa...aka the Sandersville Veterinary Clinic..where she was spoiled and pampered--and even managed to lose a few pounds!

So where was I??

Well---see if you can guess where CruiseGran and I went.......

The story of the further adventures of Jane and E (and MerrillBob and Andi, and Suzanne and Bill) begin TOMORROW!!!!!!!!