Monday, November 28, 2011


733.1-- The number of miles from Maison Cou Rouge to my mother's house in Shreveport.

1094-- The number of photos I took over Thanksgiving.

5-- The number of hours AJ and Anna-Grace's plane was delayed from Shreveport to Atlanta yesterday.

7--The number of stops we made on the road on Sunday for the "convenience" of one 15-week old beagle.

16-- The number of miles of Vicksburg Battlefield toured by Wesley, Alix and I.

4-- The number of football games we watched on the television.

1--The number of football games we watched IN PERSON a family member win.

4--The number of over-the-top meals we ate.

4--The number of hours spent with Justin Bieber.

5-- The number of Strawn's pies sampled.

Unknown but ALOT- the number of bottles of wine consumed.

Needless to say--we survived Thanksgiving in Louisiana.

Photos to follow.

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