Friday, November 4, 2011

A Chiropractic Halloween and a new GROCERY

I had no idea that my chiropractor, Kelley Morgenroth, was such a fan of Halloween. So when I checked in with her on Monday, I was surprised to find Washington County Family Chiropractic all decorated.

And Kelly was bewitching all her patients.

There were eyes everywhere.

And food was in abundance.

Anna was taking everyone's photos, but I managed to get a pic of HER.

How appropriate that the treatment rooms were covered in wallart.

Well, after that frightful realignment of my spine, I headed to Milledgeville to visit the BRAND NEW Kroger's grocery store.


100,000 square feet of inspiration. I haven't been this excited since....well, SINCE.

Yes, I had to sit down a few times. It was that wonderful.

Now, I have my huge patch of lemongrass at MCR. But if I ever run out....hallelujah!

Oh, stop rolling your eyes. I take joy in the simple things. Like fresh lamb. Blood oranges. Maytag blue cheese. Fingerling potatoes.

I am happy. Happy, happy, happy.

And caught up!!!! Hooray!


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