Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summertime..But the Livin' Ain't Easy...

Why, yes, my dears, I am back after the lastest globe-trotting excursion with the fam. My attempt to avoid the hell that is summer in Middle-Of-Nowhere, Georgia was an epic fail, however. Nothing like arriving in the normally cool Baltic to face the hottest summer weather they’ve had on record. Typical.

But before THAT, we popped out to San Diego for my cousin’s wedding. So I have THAT to tell you all about....oh, and catching up on project EP366.

It was a fine “welcome home” to find that one of the toilets upstairs had developed a drip right after we left for 3 weeks. Luckily, it was directly above the ex’s bedroom closet. Oh, did I tell you he still has crap here? Loads of it. And that the closet door was shut? Yes, it smells like a wet hunting dog kennel in there. Dommage, as the French would say.

But my marvelous plumber, Keith McDonald (or rather his marvelous assistant, Tim) came out and fixed the leak. Not the mildew, I’m afraid, but that’s not really my problem. Ok, the wonky sheetrock is, but I’ll worry about that tomorrow (thankyouScarlettO’Hara).

Less than 72 hours later, I discovered whilst endeavoring to take a shower that I had no hot water. Ah, the luck of the potato famine Irish continues with me. Bright and early Monday morning, Tim returns to teach me all about dusting under the water heater in order to keep the pilot light lit. Hey, cut me some my adult life, I never lived anywhere longer than 4 years...until Tennille. I’ve been here 10 years as of March 2011. I never KNEW you had to dust under water heaters. Those of you who know my domestic habits will not be surprised that I had dust rhinos under there.

I quake in fear to see what the cost of having Tim visit so frequently will be. I think I will start pouring a large glass of wine BEFORE I open the mail for the next week.

Who knew you needed ventilation in closets ANYWAY? And what BRILLIANT designer put BOTH the hot water heater AND the electrical box in a WOMAN’s clothes closet? OF COURSE I put a shoe holder up on the water heater door. If you need to get to a circuit breaker on the electrical panel, just move some of those purses.

But be very careful with the ones in protective bags. I may not give a rat’s ass about a former spouse’s hunting clothes....but I DO care about my Tori Burch tote!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

...well there was obviously some superior meaning in moving so often
--> leave the place before you need to clean it. Also a possible strategy.
I knew it is an advantage to have a central heating and water management at one place in a house... and you still have the possibility to store some shoes there!