Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WC2011 Yarra Valley

It was pretty amazing to open the curtains and see this.

Yep. That's Cunard's brand new Queen Elizabeth, on her maiden around-the-world voyage.

We departed the ship early (8:20am) with Suzanne and Bill. Suzanne had researched some travel companies and had booked us onto an all-day tour of the wineries in nearby Yarra Valley. After picking up seven other wine-lovers at various hotels in Melbourne, we headed inland.

Our first stop was De Bortoli Wines.

I think all vineyards must have some requirement that they be picturesque.

Next stop, Coldstream Hills.

Again....beautiful setting. At this point, I am really thinking I could do this every day....tasting wine, photographing beautiful vineyards...tasting MORE wine.........

I wasn't the only one taking were Mama and Suzanne.

I think Coldstream Hills was my favorite of the day. I liked their chardonnay so much (YES, CHARDONNAY!) that I bought two bottles.

Lunch had been arranged at Domaine Chandon.

You can tell I am hating every minute of this......

Antipasti, quiche and salad. And 4 wines!!!!

Blanc-de-blanc bubbles, chardonnay, pinot noir and the new pinot/shiraz bubbles .

Geezy peasy.... I could get used to this.......

Next up..Yering Station, the first winery in the Yarra Valley.

Yes, you will note an alarming decline in phototaking after lunch...what can I say????

After visiting the fourth winery of the day, we made a stop at Yarra Valley Dairy.

Charming shop.

So many good things to sample.

More wine, with some lovely LOVELY handmade cheeses to go along.. We found a bottle of wine PERFECT for my sister-in-law Julie--"Another Bloody Chardonnay".

I happened to be quick enough to capture a farm inhabitant hanging out under some equipment...

Pleasantly full, we headed back into town.

We arrived back in the ship with a few moments to spare before YOU-KNOW-WHO next door departed.

Crowds--I mean CROWDS-were on hand to watch the Queen's departure.

It was quite a parade.

After a very lengthy battle of the typhoon horns within the harbor, off she sailed.

Impressive, yes...but I will remain a Crystal chick, thankyouverrrymuch.

As if the day hadn't been full to the brim, that night we were treated to a demonstration of aboriginal music and dance in the Crystal Cove.

It was then that I TRULY felt I was in Australia.

And I liked it!

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