Saturday, June 11, 2011

WC2011 Sydney

Sailing into Sydney, Australia for the first time.

I don't care that it was in the middle of the night. I was going to get up to see it. Just like the first time I sailed into India. Well maybe in not such exclusive surroundings, but equally thrilling.

In many ways, this is my favorite time on the ship. Before everyone wakes up, before she arrives in port, before the dishes start being plated and the glasses start clinking. She is calm, she is quiet, she is serene and majestic and beautiful, gliding through the water effortlessly. And she is usually all MINE.

I love seeing things like this.

The work that must be done all night so that everything is magically perfect during the day. It is a side that few guests see, so I guess I feel closer to her, somehow. Funny, but it is at this time I can feel her soul, and understand what sailors mean when they speak of ship as "she"--"her" as a living entity. Oh, well, either you get it or you don't.

Dawn comes.

Let me just get this out of the way. I HATE debarkation day. Loathe. Detest. Getting off the ship is not something I ever want to do. Silly dream of at least ONCE in my life, to "do" back to back cruises so I don't have to get off the ship on turn-around day. It's on my Bucket List. That's how much my heart hurts when I leave.

Yes, I am spoiled.

A sign of things to come. Putting up the "Welcome Aboard" flags for the new guests.

Gosh, Sydney does look pretty, though.

Time for one last round of photos.

Lido guys.


My darling friend Bart, the wonderful head sommelier!

Waiting in the Galaxy to leave the ship isn't pleasant, but made better by smiles.

And so, we walked down the gangway for the last time for cruise 1304...and maybe I am getting better about leaving. Only a tear or two. Well, at least I don't start weeping openly like I used to. Ok, well, maybe just a bit. But I am getting better.

We took the "scenic" tour to the hotel...and I am so glad we did.

At Manly Beach, I saw surfers...

and stuck my toes in the water!

Even with the clouds, it was beautiful.

Guys with boards running around in packs reminded me of Alix and AJ back at home.

And half a world away, children are still children.

Now I hope there is no reason to ask me why I could have watched THESE two guys all day...

After arriving at the Hotel Intercontinental, we had a bit of a walk about.

Hmm....maybe a little inspiration for some backyard shade???

And on the street, we saw some performers...

And ran into some FRIENDS!!! Hi Ross!!!!!!!!

Ok, the view from our hotel room was awesome!

And the great thing was...I couldn't see Crystal Serenity. So I couldn't watch her sail away.

Which is simply one of the things I hate most....watching her going on without me!

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