Saturday, June 4, 2011

WC2011 New Zealand's Sounds

We were back aboard Crystal Serenity after our two day inland excursion. Wheat we needed was a sea day...and we had one full of beauty.

The day started early in the Palm Court. Of course, Jane and cousin Bill were up for the view...and coffee.

I couldn't say "bright and early" because it was very cloudy with intermittent showers all day.

(Cut me some slack...I was outdoors in drippy weather and no makeup...definitely not camera ready!!!)

At 9am, we entered Dusky Sound.

Mid-morning, I attended a very interesting lecture on the Tasman Sea, aka "the Ditch", then we headed back up to Palm Court for views of Doubtful Sound.

After lunch in the Dining Room (burger and a glass of gruner veltliner..and a pistachio and chocolate ganache tart--I just had to mention it!) it was time for a bit of a relaxing afternoon before we cruised through Milford Sound.

Suzanne and Bill enjoyed the scenery.

As did lots of other guests.

Lady Bowen Falls was spectacular.

As was Stirling Falls.

Crystal had advised guests that a helicopter had been hired to film Serenity as she made passage through Milford Sound, and asked everyone to be on deck or on their verandas to wave. Despite the rain, many guests (me included) braved the raindrops to pose. Everyone was in a merry mood, playing in the rain like children!

The Captain got Serenity as close to the falls as possible, and everyone seemed to enjoy the helicopter buzzing overhead.

This area of the world is as beautiful as anything I've ever seen....and rightfully deserves it's reputation as one of the most scenic spots on the planet!

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