Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WC2011 Melbourne

A glorious day dawned to explore Melbourne.

(Really, the weather gods were with us on this trip...the only grey days seemed to be when we were at sea).

After breakfast, CruiseGran and I joined a walking tour. We stayed with them for about half of the morning, before exploring on our own. Mama remembered a beautiful conservatory in the gardens, and we went in search of it.

Melbourne is filled with beautiful arcades linking the major streets. It was an easy way for ladies at the turn of the last century to go about their daily shopping.

Melbourne is a city known for its graffiti art. Hosier Lane was colorful and clever and bright and wonderful.

A reminder that one of my favorite sports would be appearing soon...along with one of my favorite drivers- a national hero!

The cathedral was all cool, and quiet, and calm.

We stopped off at the Young and Jackson Hotel, to see the famous--and at the time, utterly scandalous--painting of Chloe.

It was tradition for WWII soldiers on R&R in Melbourne to come pay a visit to see the painting that Jules Lefebvre made of a Parisian girl in 1875 , and to toast her "hail and farewell".

After visiting Mlle. Chloe, Jane and I set off on our own, and found the little Conservatory she remembered.

It was totally worth the walk, don't you think?

So many of these plants are familiar to me, and they gave me such inspiration for my own garden.

We visited Captain Cook's cottage, the wee, but wonderful, cottage of James Cook's parents, originally built in 1755 in England, and given to the people of Victoria to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the discovery of Australia.

Again, more inspiration from the amazing Fitzroy Gardens.

Even I could do these begonias and dusty miller!

Then, it was off to Queen Victoria Market.

And Jane, ever the intrepid shopper with the memory of an elephant, found her "old favorite" sweater place.

It had been quite a day FULL, and so we headed back to the ship, where I enjoyed the late afternoon walking the promenade and taking photos.

Everyone seemed to be having fun.

Maybe too MUCH fun??

I had, like so many others before me, fallen absolutely in love with Melbourne. I hope I get back soon!!!

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