Thursday, June 2, 2011

WC 2011 Mountain High

I believe I left you on top of the glacier...having just arrived. So sorry--hope the wait hasn't been too long!

When we "hopped" (and "hopped" doesn't really cover having 7 adults crawl out of a skiplane...imagine clowns in the circus) out of our plane, this is what surrounded us.

Our plane and pilot.

The family on the glacier.

We traveled in tandem with the other quarter of our group-they landed right after us.

I am sure someone can tell me officially, but I believe this is a weather station.

Linda, our Crystal Excursion member, took lots of photos...

And I found the scenery utterly breathtaking.

Judge for yourself.

A helicopter followed us up the glacier and "stalked" us.

This Southern girl has had some exposure to the white stuff, but still thinks it fun.

Guess who got to sit next to the pilot on the flight back down?


Glacial lake.

Incredible landscape.

But we had to land sometime.

Getting out was fun the second time, too.

I took several short videos and edited them into one longer video. This should give you a little taste of what it was like on the glacier!!!!

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