Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Family Cruise (SFC) 2010 Heading to Rome

There's nothing like running into your entire family in a bar.

Or, in the Atlanta airport, Delta's Crown Room is the equivalent.

CruiseGran worries about making the connection from Shreveport to Atlanta. Her worry is sadly justified. It's not about the luggage not making it...chances are the FLIGHT might get cancelled. It's happened many times before. So inevitably, with the miscellaneous fudge factor of an catchup flight in-between connections, the Louisiana crowd usually ends up spending 5 hours or so in the airport before a transatlantic flight. Being a believer in "misery loves company", we head out several hours ahead of time to visit and drink the Crown Room's (not really) free booze.

It was not too long before we were standing in line to assume our roomy and spacious (cough, cough) steerage accommodations in Delta's big metal tylenol that would hurtle 600 miles an hour toward Italia.

We have a ways to go....

But it looks oh-so-much better in Italian.

Here we all are....CruiseGran's somewhere up there beyond the curtain, enjoying her champagne while we nosh on our peanuts. Hey, no complaints here----SHE'S PAYING!!!!!!

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