Saturday, June 11, 2011

SFC2010 To The Ship

Hooray, hooray! It's Embarkation Day!!

Before we left Cecilia and headed to meet Crystal Symphony, she and I took Alix, Emerson, and Ella on a short walk to the Zoo. We loaded up Lookchin so he could see.

We didn't have any time to go in, but loved looking around at the entrance.

A bit of a teary farewell to our "Seagull", and we set off for the hour's ride to Civitavecchia.

There is always someone working on Symphony's exterior.

But to make it Crystal Clear--there's always someone SMILING while working on Symphony's exterior.

After checking out the views...

...we went on a little walking adventure along the pier.

I was glad to see we had lots of live lobsters being loaded.

Everyone want's a photo taken of them.....

Mandatory muster. Sorry bro'.

At Captain's Voyage, we call this a "Pakarang View" of the Moby honor of the guy who LOVES this angle.

And so, we were off.

And I felt right at home.


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