Sunday, June 12, 2011

SFC2010 Le Verdon and Bordeaux

It has been mind-numbing trying to condense these next two days of the trip into something that does NOT resemble the length of "War and Peace." So many fun things this family can find to do!!!!

Crystal Symphony docked in Le Verdon, on the Atlantic coast of France very early in the morning. Many of the excursion that day were to the "left bank" area of Bordeaux-home of the famous premier cru chateaux. The cousins took off on an overnight trip, which we planned on joining the next day.

We took the shuttle into the CHARMING town of Soulac sur Mer.

I HAD to go in the local market, just to see what was available.

And of course it was beautiful.

It's looking at THESE foody photos that inspires me when I get back home.

At midafternoon, we headed up the Gironde River that cuts through the most famous winemaking area of the world.

Lookchin was prepared.

Vineyard after vineyard. Chateau after chateau.

Ella seems to be enjoying herself.

Grapes don't appear to be the only business in this area.

It was different arriving at Bordeaux in the evening instead of first thing in the morning. Everyone seemed to be on hand for the arrival.

Julie and Jane.

AJ (oh, what a night he had in store for him...he went off with some crew friends and arrived back at 4am, having gotten totally lost in Bordeaux after several vats of wine.......)

Lookchin was briefly bear-napped by Julie and held ransom for a bottle of wine....

But was valiantly rescued by Dena.

I think he learned not to be QUITE so cheeky with Jules!!!!!

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