Sunday, June 12, 2011

SFC 2010 Windsor and Home

We had such an incredible time with Andy and John in Bristol. Thank you both from the bottom of my hearts for the IMMENSE fun and good times we had. I love you both so much!!!

All too soon (as Crystal is fond of saying), it was time to head back to the train station to return to Windsor.

I spotted a GREAT pub sign...

Sounds like the PERFECT name for a bar or restaurant near Georgia Tech.

AJ thought so.

The trip to Windsor was uneventful. Standard train trip. We arrived in Windsor precisely 100 yards from our hotel, the beautiful Harte and Garter.

The cousins, who had gone to Bath, also returned to Windsor that day. It was fun to trade "war stories" with them over..what else? Wine.

Alix's shipboard friend came to spend the day with her at Windsor, and while they were out and about, they just happened to see Burgundy Rolls-Royce drive past. A tiny lady in a lavender hat was sitting in the back. I didn't believe her...until I saw a photo from Royal Ascot, Ladies Day. Which was the day we were in Windsor.

Yep. Alix scored a viewing of Her Majesty the Queen. On her way back to Windsor Castle after the races.

That night, we saw more absurd hats all around- in shops, bars, and patios.

Windsor was a cool town to people watch after Ladies Day at Royal Ascot.

The next morning, while the rest of the family slept in, Mama and I went for a walk across the river to Eton.

Yes, Her Majesty was in residence.

And in just a bit longer than the blink of an eye, we were almost home.

Luggage retrieved, and we were on the road. Lookchin picked the tunes.

Well, I hope it was worth the wait.

If it was, let me know.

If it wasn't, don't!!!

and remember....

Life is Good!!! What a Wonderful World!!!!!

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