Saturday, June 11, 2011

SFC 2010 Pisa

Pisa. Home of the leaning tower.

And yes, it does.

At the port of Livorno, most guests decide whether to go to Florence or Pisa. We did Florence 3 years ago (just before I started blogging), we opted for something new... Pisa it was.

Definite coolness factor.

Even with a smile.

There is much more to Pisa than the tower.

And the tower isn't the only thing that leans.

In fact, EVERYTHING leans.

This shows the Basilica's tendencies.

Check out the cable. If you line it up with the door, Christ is off-center.

If you line it up with Christ, the door is off-center.

Well, that's just Pisa. It's a Pisa-work. (Oh, I've been dying to say that).

There are lots of pretties.

We got the view...sort of.

I think Em got it best.

Back at the ship, we went to Prego, and Julie had her beloved Beef Carpaccio.

Details. God is in the details.

In all things. Buildings or biscotti.

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