Sunday, June 12, 2011

SFC 2010 London

I woke up early, and, with the bags already out of the way, took Lookchin around for some photos.

With our adorable stewardess, Maria...

...and with Allan and Joseph, two of Jan-Olav's friends and fellow crewmembers from when he was on Symphony.

Alix has a habit of doing this. Lookchin doesn't seem to mind.

Most of the family had to leave earlier than we had to leave. Austin needed coffee.

The five of us- my four and Jane- did not go back to the States immediately. We were going to spend some time in southern England, with our dear friends Andy and John.

The day went like this:

Visit Runnymeade.
Go to Windsor, drop off luggage at hotel we're staying in in two days' time.
Go to Lunch en route.
Go to Blenheim Palace.
Go to London.

And it was smooth as silk. Planning, children, planning. Take a lesson from your mother and grandmother.

At the Runnymeade car park, I saw this hilarious auto emblem.

Windsor was beautiful.

The things one sees driving down the motorway in England.

Time for lunch at The Bear Hotel in Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

Although I was not responsible for booking this lovely luncheon spot, it did allow for cute photo ops with Lookchin.

Then it was off to Blenheim Palace, Winston Churchill's birthplace and boyhood home.

Blenheim was amazing, but I could not take photos inside. Domage.

After Blenheim, we headed into London. The traffic was surprisingly light. Along the way, our friendly driver pointed out the areas that would be used for the 2012 Olympics. Soon we were at our London abode for the night, The Stafford.

We had a lovely two-bedroom suite, complete with rubber duckies.

It gave me a smile, and made leaving Symphony behind a little easier.

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