Sunday, June 12, 2011

SFC 2010 Final Sea Day

Final day of the cruise. Bummer. Of epic proportions.

Packing is never fun. We had even less fun, as we couldn't throw everything in the bags like we usually do. We were heading to London and Bristol after we debarked in Dover, and planned to leave most of our luggage at our hotel in Windsor, where we would retrieve it the last night before going home.

I ran around the ship like I always to, taking photos of crew, places, sights and sounds. You've seen all these before, though. So much so, you could probably find your way around Crystal Symphony blindfolded.

We had reservations for the last night dinner at Silk Road for sushi. We met up in the Connoisseur's Club to watch a World Cup match.

Then it was off to dinner.

You know, it's sad we never have any fun. Willy always takes such care of us at Silk Road.

We toasted each other and Arne/Ma/MeMa/Eleanor, who brought us all together.

And YES....I had TWO desserts.

I never can decide between the trio of creme brulees or sesame ice cream. So I got BOTH.

I got a quick photo with my friend Bart, who was about to become the Head Sommelier on Crystal Serenity.

Do we really have to leave tomorrow?

Life is GOOD!!

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