Sunday, June 12, 2011

SFC 2010 Bristol 1

It was time for adventure as we packed up our tote bags (believe it or not, we CAN travel light when we need to!!!) and headed toward Paddington Station.

Just about two hours later, we were in Bristol and meeting up with AJ's godfather, Andy. (Also an AJ--Andrew James. He calls himself "AJ1" and his godson "AJ2". )

We tossed our bags at the Mercure Holland House and headed to Andy's house for a delicious lunch...and a new discovery--Pear Cider!

This is the walkway outside Andy and John's home--isn't it brilliant?

Andy is a terrific tour guide... and Bristol is a lovely city!

The SS Great Britain...we'll see more of her later!

The Bristol suspension bridge--another of the amazing engineering feats of Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

I became absolutely fascinated with this guy's story...and his designs and engineering feats. I could fill a book-well, several already have. So we'll just admire his works.

But first, more pear cider.

Some great Bristol artwork.

And on to Bristol Cathedral.

I've been a fan of fan vaulting (moan.....) ever since an art history paper in college.

One of the old city gates. I THINK this is the one built in the 14th century. (Andy, correct me if I am wrong!!!)

Bristol has some of the coolest bridges EVER! This is Pero's Bridge- those are counterweights for the drawbridge!

We walked, we laughed, we rode the on-off was a grand day!

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