Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring Catchup, round 1

I can't believe how busy we have been here at Maison Cou Rouge. It happens every spring, and by now you would think I would be prepared for it, but NOOOOOOOO.

Do you feel as woefully behind as I do? Well, hopefully, the next few series of posts will bring everyone up to speed a bit.

I think I last left you with photos from Alix's Superbeau Wesley's prom... since then------

I got to dress as Shine the Dog to help the Guild of Washington County teach children safety rules

Caroline's mom Lisa was our facilitator that day- what a wonderful friend she is!

I dropped a 32 pound box of raised garden bed on my big toe.

but got them built

We built prom and had the state track meet, both of which get their own posts.....

Wesley came with me to see Alix's Dance Concert--she had 5 dances!

The Company- Brentwood Ballet

(I'll post more as soon as I get the DVD with all the photos from McNeely Garden Studios
but for a while you may be able to see them by clicking on the link.

I drove to Atlanta on Mother's Day to have lunch with AJ and Anna-Grace at the Sundial in the Westin

Brunch was a very yummy chicken breast and sauce over biscuits...

with views of the Georgia Aquarium

and Centennial Olympic Park.

to be continued......

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