Saturday, May 21, 2011

Prom 2011

Junior Year at Brentwood means hosting Prom. It involves a lot of preparation, which we all got to experience for the first time when AJ was a Junior.

Our Juniors is an AMAZING job. This year seemed more fraught with melodrama than usual, thanks to some folks who shall remain nameless. No it wasn't other students. It was adults, in authority, who seemed to be trying their best to make the Juniors lives miserable. Oh well. They only have to survive one more year with the person nicknamed "Dolores Umbridge" .........

But on to better things.

It begins with hanging the gym in black plastic and moving in pieces that have been painted in advance.

Taylar wasn't real sure about getting up on the scaffolding in that harness.

Caroline, ever the daredevil, had to be threatened into putting on her harness.

Building the giant car....

By Friday, things had come together.

And, come Saturday night, everyone was lovely.

Taylor and Nick

Caroline and Joel

Taylar and BT

Alix and Wesley

Emmaline and Josh

So what is Prom only lasted 90 minutes (thanks, Dolores)....oops I wasn't going to say anything.

It was lovely.

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