Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Past Lives

Every day, I receive a short teaching/meditation from Rigpa, a site dedicated to promoting Tibetan Buddhism. Today's "Glimpse of the Day" gave me a moment of understanding and I had to share it.

(as a side note, the older I get, the more the phrase "if we cannot remember what we were doing" hits home............)

“If we have lived before,” I’m often asked, “why don’t we remember it?” But why should the fact that we cannot remember our past lives mean that we have never lived before? After all, experiences—of our childhood, or of yesterday, or even of what we were thinking an hour ago—were vivid as they occurred, but the memory of them has almost totally eroded, as though they had never taken place. If we cannot remember what we were doing or thinking last Monday, how on earth do we imagine it would be easy, or normal, to remember what we were doing in a previous lifetime?

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