Saturday, May 14, 2011

I love my Keurig!!!!

I have a new corollary for the Law of Selective Gravity. It is along the lines of Jennings Corollary**.

The chance of the danish falling cream cheese side down onto the kitchen floor is directly proportional to one's desire to eat it.

Yes, I know I should be eating fruit for breakfast. Or an egg. But my new Keurig was delivered, and I had to celebrate.

NEW Keurig?

Well, the replacement.

I LOVE my Keurig. I mean, if it had arms and legs and other bits, I might....well......let's not go there. That's how much I love my coffeemaker.

My darling friend Nancy introduced me to Keurig back in November. She's had one for years. Pop in a K-cup of whichever of the zillions of coffees you like, and it brews one perfect cup. In less than a minute. Want another one in 5 minutes? 30 Minutes? 4 hours? Repeat the process- fresh and hot and delicious.

A couple of weeks ago, it began having airflow problems. I had to rap it sharply on the back to get the water to flow through the k-cup instead of back into the reservoir. Sorta like burping a baby. Somehow, an air bubble was forming in the lines.

I did all the troubleshooting guides on the internet. I descaled. I cleaned the needles. Still, it kept brewing only a half-cup of coffee.

I called Keurig. This is the amazing part.

Their reply was "We want you to be totally satisfied with your Keurig. Your replacement will arrive in within 5 days. All we ask is that you send us back the K-cup holder." Nope, not the entire machine. Just a part- about 3x5x3 inches total.

THAT is customer service.

Did I mention that I really love my coffeemaker? It also dispenses just-below-boiling water, too.

Now if I could just lick the remaining cream cheese off the tile floor before the dog gets to it...............

**Jennings Corollary to the Law of Selective Gravity: The chance of the bread falling with the butter side down is directly proportional to the value of the carpet.

Law of Selective Gravity: An object will fall so as to do the most damage.

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Affable Anna-Grace said...

Send the baby that needs burping my way!! I've become quite handy :)