Sunday, April 10, 2011

GMC Prom 2011

Alix and her classmates are deep into preparations for their class' Junior-Senior Prom next Saturday. But she took a break yesterday to accompany "Superbeau" Wesley to his Senior Prom at Georgia Military College.

They stopped a moment at Maison Cou Rouge to take advantage of the azaleas blooming (it IS Masters Week, after all....and the azaleas always bloom on command for the Masters).*

They then proceeded (as did yours truly) to Milledgeville and GMC for the tradition of "Senior Walk Out". From the steps of the Old Capitol Building on campus, Wesley and Alix led off the Lead Out. (It helps to have a last name starting with "A" for these things.)

They looked so wonderful. I also managed to get a group shot of Wesley and his siblings- sister Sarah and brother Will.

They took off to the Milledgeville Country Club for the dance, and I went to dinner with Wesley's mom Sharee and sister Sarah. We had a GREAT time sitting on the deck of a lakeside restaurant.

They made it home exhausted at 3:30am. And we will do it all again NEXT Saturday!

*For my non-golfing buddies, the Masters is one the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world. It's played in Augusta, about an hour from my house. Augusta National Golf Club's course is known for its blooming landscape-especially the azaleas. No matter what the weather each year, the azaleas magically bloom the first week in April.....)

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