Thursday, March 24, 2011

WC2011 Waiheke Vineyards

As I said, we took the ferry out of Auckland harbor over to Waiheke Island, home of some wonderful New Zealand wineries.

The trip over was filled with scenic beauty.

(Can you imagine living up there???/)

The harbor, however, was NOT filled with taxis.

We started walking to the information stand. Two kilometers. Uphill. Nothing more needs to be said. Ever.

As we approached the town at the top of the hill, we managed to find a taxi- a DELIGHTFUL driver who was very willing to drive all six of us around for the day. A STEAL at $NZ 60 an hour.

First stop, Stony Ridge.

The entrance to the tasting room warmed my Buddhist heart. Isn’t the offering of roses charming?

The wine was great- I especially liked the Malbec and bought at bottle (which broke somehow while in transfer to the ship...domage) and got a terrific t-shirt for AJ. We didn't have lunch, as they were having a private party, but the cafe looked marvelous.

They also have an olive orchard--how much fun would THAT be?

As the grapes get closer to picking, nets are draped over the vines to keep away the birds.

But the growing never stops.

Then, across the ridges

and over to Te Whae (pronounced “te-fwa” in Maori)--a winery with the most amazing views ever.

Can you imagine waking up every morning to THIS?

For lunch, I chose a delicious rabbit and pork terrine with toast points. Perfect. Two different Sauvignon Blancs.....Astrolabe (lighter and less grassy) and Greywacke (more astringent and Sauvignon Blanc-like).

Sprinting back to the harbor, we barely made the 2pm ferry--but we did.

What a GLORIOUS day!

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