Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Everyone needs a Jewish mother in his or her life.

I have Nancy.

Nancy wasn’t always a Jewish mother. When I first met her, she was a Jewish American Princess of the first order. That was 1974, and we were beginning high school at Saint Vincent’s Academy. We became steadfast friends, and have remained so through time and distance.

Nancy never forgets an anniversary or birthday. She sends cards. She calls. She's been married for over 25 years to Sam, one of the nicest guys I've ever met. They are the parents of three GORGEOUS girls...Karen, Elizabeth and Jenna.

When Nancy is not being the "mom with the mostest", she's out volunteering, doing everything she can to make this world a better place, not just for her family, but for her community and the world.

And she has gorgeous nails.

Nancy lives 3 ½ hours away, in the “big city” of Charlotte, in the great state of North Carolina. We had been plotting and planning for years to get together, but life had thwarted us until last November. We had such fun, we plotted a long weekend with “our girls” (Jenna is ten months older than Alix).

So, last Friday, Alix and I piled in the car and headed north. It was a weekend of shopping, food, and seeing “Billy Elliot.”

Nancy spoiled us rotten, as only a Jewish mother can. We were fed. We were Starbucks’d.

We were driven all over town. We watched Nancy pump gas. (those of you who knew Nancy in high school know just how absurd this concept is. I provide photographic images as proof.)

We shopped. We played with rescue animals that were being adopted.

We were couponed (saving money while spending it is one of Nancy’s passions). We made new friends. We laughed. We explored new neighborhoods. (Yes, Nancy, I know you were a bit out of your comfort zone in NoDa

but thanks for trekking us out there!)

We saw the national touring company of Elton John’s “Billy Elliot” that was every bit as good as the production I saw in New York.

We had an adventure. It was grand.

And to top it all off, in less than 30 minutes, we found a prom dress and shoes.

Win. Epic Win.

ps to prove that your mother wasn't ALWAYS a cook....I show you a copy of the recipe she gave me.....

Jenna-thank you for being so kind to Alix. She had a blast and can't wait to get together with you again...SOON!

Nancy--thank you for your love and precious friendship for over 35 years. Thank you for your shoulder to lean on when I need it, the glass of wine when I want it, and the chocolate when I shouldn't have it.

You are more special than you will ever know!!!

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Jenna said...

This was such a good entry :) We love and miss you and can't wait to see you soon! (Jenna wants a copy of the recipe!)

PS. Do you want to come back President's Day weekend?