Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 A Year of Possibilities

Hooray! A New Year!

I guess the kindest way to phrase it is that 2010 did not live up to expectations. (And, heck, my expectations weren't all that high....) However, the annus horribilis is OVER--yes, O-V-E-R !!!! And for every annus horribilis, there is an annus mirabilis--a "Year of Wonders". And, hoo-boy, am I due one of THOSE!!!!

I am dubbing 2011 "A Year of Possibilities".

Having spent a WONDERFUL New Year's Eve with three exceptionally beautiful, intelligent and fun women--my daughter Alix, and her friends Caroline and Suzanna- we toasted the New Year with a Gruet Blanc de Noirs (yummy stuff...who'da thunk it--from New Mexico?...and yes, parents, I let them have the real stuff. You should know me by now.....), and I retreated to my bedroom to continue watching the Twilight Zone marathon. HEAVEN!

This morning--the sky is crystal blue, it's WARM (64/18) and I don't have a hangover!

Life is good!

I have never been one to proclaim all sorts of resolutions for the new year, but I have a few lurking around in my mind.....

1. Use the good crystal and china.
2. Treat my body with respect.
3. Meditate more.
4. Turn off the news when people start yelling at each other.
5. No White Zinfandel (a tough one in these parts....)
6. Gather my friends close to me more frequently.
7. More "chardonnay giggles".
8. Stop and look people in the eye.
9. Finish the damn cookbook!!!!!!!

This year, let's all try to be KIND to one another, shall we? Think of how we could change the world, if we all stopped for a split-second and asked "is this KIND"?

My love and peace to everyone.