Friday, May 7, 2010

WC 2010- African Safari- the Third Drive

After the visit to the Village, it was almost time for tea and to get ready for our third game drive, that would take us to sunset.

We had spotted four of the "Big Five"- Cape Buffalo, Leopard, Lion and Elephant...and were on the lookout for Rhinoceros.

We found warthogs

Some like to hang out with wildebeest

"Mac---Donn--ald's" as Foster would say.

More elephants, no rhinos.

The baby hippos were quite interested in us.

So was mom.

Hooray! Giraffes!

More zebra, no rhinos.

Elephant in a mudbath. Elephants sort of LOOK like rhinos.....

Up close and personal with a cape buffalo...not a rhino.

A cute tortoise.

not a rhino.

Looks like a good time for cocktails.

But the fast food isn't interested in the anti-malarial properties of vodka and tonic.

Having told Foster and Like that Grumpy Guy is an avid hunter, they were kind enough to show me all sorts of tracks...which I dutifully make photos of... whilst not spilling my drink.

Here comes the rain.

And dusk.

No rhinos. Oh, well..there's always tomorrow.

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