Sunday, May 23, 2010

WC2010- The Taj Hotel

The Taj Mahal Palace and Hotel, located in Apollo Bunder in Mumbai, is one of the world's greatest hotels. I was lucky enough to spend two nights there in April, 2008. That would have been lucky enough for one lifetime.

Then came November, 2008, and terrorists attacked the Taj and another hotel, the Oberoi. 167 innocent people were killed in 60 hours. Much of the Taj was burned.

My mother and I decided when we left the Crystal Serenity, we would return to the Taj. I was so glad to find her little altered. Now there are security and x-ray scanners, and the center of the lobby is still wrapped (very elegantly) and hidden whilst reconstruction continues....but she still stands.

As does Maharajah's, my very favorite linen clothes store in the WORLD.

For dinner, we ate at the same wonderful restaurant we visited last time, the Zodiac Grill.

Still with the Camembert Souffle

Still with the sorbet in a whistling tea pot

and, as a delightful fancy, Candy Floss (or Cotton Candy, as we call it in the US) presented before dessert!

Problems and traumas come and go....and it's nice to find things so much the same.

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