Sunday, May 23, 2010

WC2010- Into Mumbai

As viewed from the decks of Serenity, this is where we were headed.

Two years and one terrorist attack had not seemed to change the city much.

Last visit- two years ago, there was scaffolding surrounding the Gateway of India, but not now.

While we waited a brief moment to go upstairs, I "kinneared" (took a secret snapshot) Odd Ivar Solvold, the world-famous Norwegian chef, whose cooking class I had attended on Crystal Serenity. He was taking a photo of his family.....

The Taj Mahal Palace and Tower was, as always, so warm and welcoming. We received the traditional blessings and welcome.

From our room, we could see Serenity.

We looked out the balcony. Evidently these balloons are the latest sales rage.

We had a drink in the bar on the first floor.

Unfortunately, the lovely bar on the second floor is still being repaired from the damage the terrorists did to it in November 2008.

That evening, as we left for the airport, Crystal Serenity was still in port. And a good thing...I hated watching her sail away two years ago.

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