Saturday, May 22, 2010

WC2010- Goa

As we moved up the west coast of India toward Mumbai, our next stop was the state of Goa.

We docked in Marmagao. The heat was visible.

Mama and I hired a cab to take us to the capital of Goa, Panaji. It was a SPEEDY and wild ride, as cabs tend to be in India.

As it was the Hindu festival of Holi, only the Muslim stores were open. But our driver took us to Blooming Dales ( I kid you not), where we were able to engage in some retail therapy.

Holi is a day where Hindus run around throwing brightly colored paint and water on each other. I had great fun photographing the participants.

(so much so I'll have a whole post of photos next!)

Soon, we were headed back to the ship.

Crystal Serenity was docked in the industrial area of the harbor (not unusual, given her size). Next to us was an ore processing station of some sort, which I found very interesting.

We went for tea in the Bistro, only to find our friend Chuck had (not surprisingly) been out "playing holi".

All too soon, we set sail for Mumbai.

Dinner that night was one of pictures and saying "goodbye for now"--

Kemal and Leo, my waiters

Goran and Martin as well.

Adding Guiseppe (who makes the best Caesar Salad and Crepes Suzettes anywhere!) and Mama

My friend Sven and us...

(I didn't realize until now that we are BOTH wearing the same attire as the photo LAST year....)

Mama saying "bye" to dear friend Charlotte

And to beloved Branislav--"Big Bro" in our family!

Then it was back to packing and getting ready for Mumbai, Debarkation, and heading home!

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