Saturday, May 22, 2010

WC2010- Crew Games

Everyone gets caught up in the World Cruise Games on Crystal Serenity. Even the crew gets to participate, but the guests don't often get to see their competitions. The two prominent exceptions are the tug-of-war and the--not sure what to call it--"the slippery pole over the swimming pool boxing"???

The teams often take the competition quite seriously...and with great imagination..

Everyone turns out to watch the tug of war.

Well, ALMOST everyone.

He was so totally oblivious to the whole extravaganza that he had to be stopped.

Before he realized he wasn't alone.

The Lido guys get fired up..

Cruise Director Rick was rarin' to go...

Our friends Chuck and Kay had prime seats.

The Lido guys beat the stewardesses--the reigning champs...who were dressed like naughty schoolgirls in short plaid skirts and knee socks, white shirts and ties.

They actually had to win several matches.

In order to get to the finals against the dining room waiters.

Honestly, how could these big guys not beat my little Filipino friends? But it was all good fun!!

The casino staff won the boxing easily.

Oh-- such sea days....I can never have enough!!!!!

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