Saturday, May 22, 2010

WC2010- Cochin

This was not my first visit to Cochin, India. I arrived in Style two years ago (and have not equaled that thrill....still amazes me!)

Because on that visit, we had explored the river area of Cochin, we opted to tour Cochin proper.

Piles and piles of teak waiting for transport are individually cataloged.

In a matter of a few steps, Cochin streets range from clean

to trashed.

Some are disturbed by the sights of India, but I LOVE them all.

We visited the church where famous explorer Vasco Da Gama was originally laid to rest.

I found the floor tiles beautiful, and took many photos for future inspiration.

Outside, the street stalls led us to the seaside.

And along the way, I FINALLY saw that iconic image of India..a snake charmer.

My carving buddy and comedian Jeb Fink speculated with much hilarity on the learning curve of this job. And what would one start off with, a garden hose??

Some guests learned the way to haul in fishing nets

Whilst others marveled at fresh caught fish.

Historically, Cochin had a large European Jewish population.

The colorful shopping area is called "Jew Town"

We were well protected at the dock

but didn't have time to go back out and explore on our own...oh, well, guess I'll have to return!!!

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