Thursday, May 6, 2010

WC2010-African Safari-Second Drive

In keeping with the natural surroundings at Londolozi, there are no wakeup calls--you are awakened at 5am each morning by a tap on your glass door. Quite civilized, actually.

5am? Yes. Dawn is the best time for tracking animals, before the sun rises and the heat puts everyone- man and beast- into siesta mode.

So, a cup of tea later...and we're off!

This fish eagle is barely discernible in the dawn light

but is easier to see later on

hanging out in what became my favorite tree.

A multiple dwelling bird nest.

Crocodile tracks

A beautifully colored bird...the lilac breasted roller

Impala..... nicknamed McDonalds....because it is Londolozi's fast food....

More on these guys later...

Fast Food everywhere.

Crossing the Sand River

Some youngsters have yet to learn not to play in the street...

More on these ladies later, as well.

Remember the teenage leopard? Here's mom.

The only word I can think of that comes close to describing her is "magnificent".

This time, we found a whole hippo nursery.

Someone's mom watched us VERY closely.

One of the big 5--probably the, attractive is not the first word that comes to mind..the cape buffalo.

Oh, hello up there!

And all this before BREAKFAST!

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